Raw Rainbow Collard Rolls Ingredients: -Collards -Avocado (mash for the spread) -Grated Carrots -Sliced Cucumber -Sliced Red Bell Pepper & Orange Bell Pepper Peanut Sauce: (blend) – 3 Tbsp Bragg’s liquid aminos…

Vegan Tofu Taco

  Vegan Tacos Tofu Mushrooms Garlic Sunflower Sprouts Homemade Guacamole Onions Tomatoes Fresh Lime Himalayan Salt  Side of black beans

Berry Blast Smoothie

  Berry Blast Smoothie Spinach Mixed frozen berries Banana Pear Fresh chucks of aloe Flax Seed Oceans Alive:Pure Phytoplankton  Green Vibrance Superfood

Natural Marine Nutrition & Energy Booster

Oceans Alive-Pure Phytoplankton I wanted to share my newest find!!! Oceans Alive-Pure Phytoplankton: A plant-based superfood and source of all marine based nutrition. Yes as it says on the label, this is the…

Protein Packed Afternoon Snack

  Protein Packed Afternoon Snack: -Kosher Turkey Meat (Burger) -Garlic -Onions -Topped with grilled onions & mushrooms -Coconut Oil -Collard Greens -Tzatziki sauce -Sriracha sauce

Lean & Green Collard Wrap

      Lean and Green: Collard Greens Onion Grilled Chicken Ground Kosher Turkey (or Fish…pick your protein) Cauliflower Sprouts Celery Asparagus Sriracha chili sauce Onion Red, Yellow or Green Pepper Garlic

Protein Packed Breakfast

  Protein Packed Breakfast-Filled with energy boosting nutrients: 2 eggs over easy Red Inca Quinoa Topped with caramelized onions Avocado You can also add in fresh veggies to spice up the quinoa