THE GRIEVING PROCESS: Healthy Ways To Deal With Grief, Guilt & Closure

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So this week I want to address a subject that is very close to my heart. As I was 39,000 feet up in the air traveling from Florida to Boston, my heart was struck with grief. I was struck not with just pangs of sadness but with a sense of obligation to start talking about it. So I started writing like a mad woman and I came up with a series of 3 videos I want to share with you over the next couple of weeks. I know each and every person on this planet will have to experience grief at some point in their lives so I think it is an important topic to address.

Grief is something that my family knows all to well. We lost 2 more family members this past year and I have witnessed how grief affects our overall health. Many people also grieve in silence so I want to shed some light on the subject.

The toll of grief goes beyond an emotional cost. Our mental struggles also affect our physical health. Grief can be exhausting, it can make you not think clearly, it can make you feel alone, lose your appetite, make you feel full of fear. It can lead to substance abuse, sucidial thoughts,  depression and PTSD. Grief and heartache also release stress hormones that can lead to health risks.

There is no formula for working through grief and grief is different for everyone. Grief can last years or an entire lifetime. From my experience, grief must be fully expressed for us to enter the healing process. If these emotions are not dealt with, they do find a way of manifesting into others areas of our lives.  What is happening on a subconscious level will always come to the surface and it can compromise your emotional, spiritual and physical health if not dealt with.

 Video #:1 of the Grief Series:

 THE GRIEVING PROCESS: Healthy Ways To Deal With Grief, Guilt & Closure

GGC=Grief/ Guilt/Closure…oh my!!!

Let’s go from Heartache to Healing babes…
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