THE GRIEVING PROCESS-10 Tips of How to Cope With Losing a Loved One

Hey Spiritual Warrior,

So here is Video #: 2 of the Grief Series where I share tips to help you deal with the grieving process.

Here are 10 Tips Of How To Cope With Losing A Loved One:

1. Don’t tolerate self-accusing or superstitious thoughts.
2. Be on alert for negative thoughts and when they creep it, SLAMM the door on them. Literally say, “STOP!” to snap yourself out of it.
3. Surround yourself with a loving, supportive community.
4. Face your feelings. I can tell you staring the dragon in the face is way better than ignoring it. You are strong enough.
5. Express your feelings. I personally found journaling to be very helpful after I lost my mother. I was in shock and disbelief for a long time but looking back at my journal helped me to gauge the grieving precess. It showed me just how far I had come.
6. Focus on self-care. Make sure you take care of your physical health as much as you can.
7. Join a group grief counseling group. Hospice is a great resource for this. I personally got a lot out of a group setting and connecting with others who are going through the grief process.
8. Honor where you are in the process. Do not judge yourself or allow anyone else to tell you how you should grieve. Be gentle and kind to yourself.
9. Re-frame your thinking; View setbacks as opportunities for growth.

10. Plan ahead for “triggers” like the holidays, anniversaries, etc. This is always a tough time so understand that is completely normal. it is best to communicate with your friends and family what you need during this time to honor yourself and your loved one who passed.

Comment below if you are resonate with this message. I would love to know what you have found helpful on your journey of healing.

Love & Light,

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