What I learned in Napa Valley this weekend…

Hey Gorgeous,

I just got back from an amazing trip in Napa Valley with my boyfriend. We were visiting our best friends who just moved out to there from NYC. It was so exciting to be there as they embark on a new chapter in life. 

But one day as I was overlooking the beautiful scenery, I got thinking about other loved ones in my life. I was staring out into the sky and an overwhelming sense of gratitude came over me. 

It was amazing to feel so blessed and grateful that my heart wanted to explode. But what came next, I never imagined….

As I was sitting there reflecting on all the beauty life has to offer, I  suddenly had a pang of sadness wash over me. I felt so bad for my father and I couldn’t shake it. I started to feel sadness for  everyone in the world who is suffering. For those that cannot see blessings in life, those who see life as such a struggle, a living hell. Now, this is something I personally understand. I used to have a difficult time with feeling grateful because I was raised to think life “has to be hard!”   It took a while, but I broke that unhealthy pattern from my lineage.

But I was stilI silently wishing he was able to view the world the way I do. Really…I was hoping that one day we could experience this kind of beauty together.

So, I turned to my boyfriend and shared what I was feeling and he causally said“Sometimes people are here to teach us lessons. Not the other way around.” 

BOOM..it hit me!!!

Maybe I am not here to save my father at all. Maybe I am here to learn acceptance and grace. I realized that people don’t see the world through the same lens and people have their own journeys. 

Isn’t grace meeting people where they are? 

It finally began to make sense. Being alive and having gratitude in our hearts, is a huge GIFT! And it is by the grace of god we have blessings in our lives to begin with so maybe I should stop wishing things were different and honor my father. I can do that by accepting where he is on his path and finding grace in my heart. Having grace for him is a one of my BIG lessons in this lifetime. 

To fully step into your power as a woman, I guess we have to own our crap eh?!?

I share this story to hopefully inspire you to show grace to someone in your life who may need it most. Sharing is caring so forward this on to a loved one..
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